About Us


Cultural Communications, Inc. (CCI) is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting underserved youth throughout the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Through engaging out-of-school time programming that supports the academic and socio-emotional development needs of at-risk youth, Cultural Communications prepares more than 350 young people each year for post-secondary success and exposes them to careers in the communication and performing arts fields.

Our mission is to provide engaging and culturally-appropriate programs and services that address the critical academic, socio-emotional, and economic empowerment needs of underserved children, families and communities.

Founded in 1998 by Eric Smith, a  U.S. Army war veteran who became a community activist upon his return from the Gulf War Desert Storm, Cultural Communications began as an arts-based awareness initiative. The programming was aimed at introducing students and families, particularly those in impoverished neighborhoods, to enriching performing arts activities.

In 2002, the program expanded to include afterschool programs, diversity and sensitivity training, talent searches, event production and performance training “boot camps,” workplace training and career-based internship activities, and a special mentoring component that pairs youth with volunteer mentors who help them prepare for professional careers in the communication and performing arts industries. 

Cultural Communications, Inc. creates partnerships that help students, families, and communities thrive culturally, socially and economically. Make a tax-deductible contribution supporting our efforts to engage and inspire youth today! With your support, we can continue to provide creative outlets for at-risk youth whom we see as at-promise agents of positive change in their communities.

For more information about our work or to volunteer as a tutor or mentor for our out-of-school-time activities or boot camps, please contact CCI’s Director Eric Smith, at esmith@culturalcommunications.org